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Daniel's Harbour, Newfoundland. 

The rocky terrain; the violent wind wreaking havoc on everyone's hair; the cemetery in the middle of town way up on the hill; the ambulance parked in Rick's driveway Monday through Thursday, and Terry's driveway Friday through Sunday. 

The earth and the sky felt different than any place I'd been. 

We buried my Nan's ashes next to her parents. Her husband was way across the cemetery, the weeds grown over his grave like some sort of movie villain. “Oh Grandfather, what in the hell is going on here, somebody's got to clean you up”. My cousin Heather gardened his plot with her bare hands until it looked almost acceptable. I remember saying the wrong thing, a few times, to relatives I hadn't seen in years. I never know what to do or say at funerals; where to put my hands. We went to a dinner thing, and then each to our respectable lodging. 

Ours was a an old motel with a smoking room. My dad told a story about breaking into the winter house of his aunt Hannah's in Daniel's Harbour and filling his pockets with chicken feed. When he saw her later that day she was onto him, but he couldn't figure out how. He later noticed a hole in his pants, a chicken feed trail following him wherever he went.

What's a winter house?
It's a house set back from the ocean so the storms aren't so bad. It's smaller than your summer house.


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What it's really like to have a pot-bellied pig as a pet.

It's summer in Ramsay and I'm on the front porch reading when a little girl and her dad walk by. They get a few steps past the house when I hear “A pig lives in that house”. “Is that right?” her sceptical dad responds. “Yep”.

That is right.
A pig does live in this house.
My house.
Like a dog?
Yes, sort of like a dog but different.
Why did you get one?

I wish I could answer that. It might be because I saw one on a leash as kid, or because I love their cute little faces, or maybe just because I wanted to be different.

It all started at the wise old age of 24 when I googled "How to keep a pot-bellied pig as a pet". The articles were very helpful, and painted an easy life with a smart, obedient and charming pet. Filled with confidence in my pet-parent ability, I did what anyone would do; I drove to an exotic animal auction in Olds, Alberta with Georgia and bid on a baby pig while my boyfriend waited in the car. The baby pot-bellied pigs were grunting, groaning, and screaming. I …

Alberta Love

Canmore, Calgary, High River and everywhere in between was flooded out on June 20-21st by the Elbow and Bow rivers. 
Thursday 9:00 AM – The city goes to work, happy it’s almost the weekend. It’s raining.
Thursday 11:00 AM – The rain is heavy and the city declares a state of emergency.
Thursday 11:30AM – Calgarians are skeptical. 
Thursday 3:00PM –The neighbourhood of Deer Run is being told to evacuate. How strange. 
Thursday 5:00PM – We all go home and turn on the news and realize just how much the rivers may flood from the rain. Many more neighbourhoods are being told to evacuate. Evacuate to where?
Offers on facebook begin, and it sounds like a good time.

Thursday 7:00PM – “Maybe we won’t have to go to work tomorrow.”  The selfish hope of many who don’t realize the extent of the situation (including me).

Thursday 9:00PM - Will we have to evacuate? What about Mickey? I guess all we can do is go to bed, wait and see. If we get woken up by a policeman at our door, then we'll have to go.

A study at Boston University found that women left college with less confidence than when they went in, whereas, men left with more confidence.

In college, I was complaining about being unable to find a writing internship when a classmate told me I should be a waitress. He said I was pretty enough to be one.

It didn't occur to me to be insulted. Instead, I listened to him.
Feminism is about transitioning from child to adult, without developing an idea that you are less capable. It's about keeping the childhood ambition to be anything you want to be, long after you've grown breasts.

Boston University, I'm very disappointed with your findings, but i'm not surprised.